How to Hide Your Number With *67

Caller identification is quite simply one of the greatest inventions of our time. Before its existence, you never knew who was on the other end of the line when you picked up the phone. A risky move, indeed.

Now a common feature on most home phones and virtually all mobile devices, Caller ID gives us the ability to screen calls and avoid those annoying friends or pesky telemarketers. An obvious downside to this functionality, however, is that anonymity when placing a call is now a thing of the past… or is it?

Thanks to the *67 vertical service code, you can prevent your number from appearing on the recipient’s phone or Caller ID device when placing a call. On either your traditional landline or mobile smartphone, simply dial *67 followed by the number you wish to call. That’s all there is to it. When using *67, the person you’re calling will see a message like ‘blocked’ or ‘private number’ when their phone rings.

*67 will not work when calling toll-free numbers, such as those with an 800 or 888 exchange, or emergency numbers including 911. It should also be noted that some recipients may choose to automatically block hidden or private numbers from calling them.

Blocking Your Number on Android or iOS

In addition to *67, most cellular carriers offer the ability to block your number through Android or iOS device settings. By following the instructions below, your number will be blocked on some or all outgoing calls from your smartphone.

  • Select the Phone icon, usually found towards the bottom of the screen.
  • When the Phone interface appears, locate the Search bar and tap on the three vertically-aligned dots found within it.
  • A drop-down menu should now be displayed. Select the Settings option.
  • In the Call Settings section, choose More settings.
  • Select Show my caller ID.
  • When the pop-out interface is displayed, choose the Hide number option.


  • Tap on the Settings icon, located on your device’s Home Screen.
  • When the Settings interface appears, scroll down and select Phone.
  • In the Calls section, tap on the Show My Caller ID option.
  • If the button on the Show My Caller ID screen is green (on), select it once so that it turns white (off). Your outgoing calls will now display with the following message in place of your phone number: No Caller ID.

Other Popular Vertical Service Codes

The following vertical service codes work with many popular providers. Check with your individual phone company if a particular code is not working as expected.

  • *60: Provides the ability to block a specific number.
  • *66: Continuously dials a busy number until the line becomes free.
  • *69: Useful from a landline that does not have Caller ID, dials the last number that called you.
  • *70: Temporarily deactivates the Call Waiting feature.
  • *72: Enables call forwarding on a landline.
  • *77: Enables anonymous call rejection, only allowing incoming calls from people who reveal their number.

Source: How to Hide Your Number With *67